1969 Triumph TR6


In the opinion of most Bonneville experts by 1968 Triumph had nailed the design of their flagship 650 models.  After over a decade of modifications these bikes were the first of the last of the line, before the introduction of the oil-in-frame T140.  As a result these bikes are prized by owners and restorers alike.  We particularly like the twin-leading shoe brake on these bikes that was introduced in 1968, and offers, we believe one of the best front brakes of the era.
The colour of our US specification 1969 TR6 is Olympic flame, with a silver stripe outlined in gold on the mudguards.  The colour looks very fetching on the smaller, peanut shaped US tank.
This particular matching numbers bike was imported back to the UK from Canada in 2012.  We have a Triumph Owner’s Club certificate that shows that the bike was originally delivered to London, Ontario on 9th April 1969.  The matching numbers are DC15842.
The previous owner in the UK has used the bike regularly and has it running very nicely.  It is in excellent overall condition.  He has made some minor changes to the original US spec, fitting UK handlebars, and a different.rear numberplate that does not vibrate.
The previous owner also established the previous Canadian owner, John Connor from Mississauga, Ontario owned the bike for 25 years from 1986.  He christened it Virgil after Virgil Hiltz, the Steve McQueen character in the Great Escape!  There is email correspondence on file regarding this, as well as an owner’s handbook and various receipts.
This is an opportunity to buy a well-sorted TR6 that is ready to ride away.