1975 Triumph Trident T160


The Triumph Trident T150, first introduced in 1969, was a radical new model, with a three cylinder 750 cc engine.  In 1973 it was improved by being given a disc brake and a five-speed gearbox; by 1975 it was revolutionised with an electric start and a redesigned engine.
These bikes were always a good combination of excellent handling and plenty of speed; the addition of the electric start meant that they could compete with the Japanese….
As we now know, this never quite happened for a whole host of different reasons.  However, the bike itself was not the problem.  We believe that a well-tuned and set-up T160 will compete happily with the Japanese competition of the day, and in some aspects, such as its handling, it is actually a superior bike.
Our T160 is a Canadian bike that we have brought back to the UK and restored.  It was already a highly original bike, showing around 10,000 miles on the speedo, and whilst we cannot vouch for the low mileage with documentary evidence, the look of the bike appears to back the mileage up.  The tank has original paint which is a little faded, but we believe should not be redone, it has original Dunlop rims, matching frame and engine numbers, a frame that looks to have its original paint, and even some of the original ties for the wiring and cabling.
We have carried out the following work to bring it up to its current excellent condition.
  • Rebuilt cylinder head including re-cut valve seats and new valve guides
  • New Tri-spark electronic ignition system
  • New L P Williams electric starter motor
  • New coils
  • Rebuilt rear brake
  • New Avon tyres
  • New final drive chain
  • New battery
  • Change all oils and fluids, spark plugs
  • Clean carbs
  • Full tune-up
The result is a lovely example of a T160, a bike that was produced in relatively small numbers for only 1975 to 1976, and one that is rapidly becoming more and more sought after.
The bike has been MOTd, registered and taxed in the UK and is ready to ride.  We believe that it is sensibly priced given its condition, and that it represents a sound investment for the future.
Price £10,500