1977 Kawasaki KZ 650 C1


We have just acquired a very low mileage (3850 miles) highly original KZ650 C1.  Whilst we do not have the documents to support the mileage, the overall condition of the bike leads us to believe that the mileage is original.  The bike was imported from the USA and registered in the UK in November 2014.  The C1 is the custom model of this bike that was made for the US only, although the customisation is fairly light and really only extends to the cast wheels, triple discs and special paint scheme.  This was also the only kz650 with hazard lights.
Since we bought this bike we have carried out a comprehensive recommissioning costing £825.73 and including the following:
  • New battery
  • Oil filter
  • Air filter
  • New fuel tap
  • Strip and rebuild carbs
  • New tacho cable
  • New rear grab handles
  • New wiring
The bike now runs and rides exactly as it should.  Cosmetically it is in very good original condition, with only a couple of very small marks to the tank paint,  Wheels rims, exhausts and engine covers are all in very good shape, with no rust.  The frame too looks to be in original paint which has stood the passage of time extremely.
This bike represents an opportunity to buy a very low mileage bike in very good original condition. 
Price £4950