1979 Benelli 750 Sei


There is nothing quite like a Benelli Sei, and we are proud to announce that we now have one in stock.
These bikes were a revelation when they were launched in 1974, and around 3,200 were sold until the model was replaced by the 900 Sei in 1978.
The 750s are probably more sought after, particularly for their wonderful six into six chrome exhausts. These bikes never sold in huge numbers, in part due to their price, which was over £2,000 or $3,000 in the mid-seventies.
Our bike is frame number 7305, and it was first registered in the UK in 1979. The previous owner owned it for ten years, and he bought it from a Mr Wilkinson of Dunstable who had carried out a total restoration. At the time of the restoration the mileage was 29,000 and it is now 30,500.
The bike has been stored in a temperature controlled environment and is in superb condition. It has an MOT and is taxed and ready to ride.  One diversion from stock is the switchgear, which was notoriously unreliable, as the original parts were made by Benelli for the Italian climate. Our bike has discreetly upgraded switchgear to ensure that it functions as it should in the British climate.
We believe that this is an excellent example of the model.
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Price £9500