1981 Laverda Jota 180


We have just found this rare Laverda Jota in the Netherlands. 
As all Laverda fans would be aware, the Jota is a legendary 1000cc model, originally introduced to the UK market by the Slater Brothers in the mid 1970s.  The original Jotas were 1000cc models built, at the instruction of the Slater Brothers, to a high performance specification in Italy, with special exhausts added in the UK.  These bikes were probably the fastest production road bikes at the time with claimed top speeds up to 140 mph, although Laverda themselves did not publish power output or estimated top speeds for these models.
By the late seventies and early eighties, Laverda was making Jotas for a much broader geographical market, and had refined some of the rawness of the early models.  This refinement, as far as the 180 degree engine models were concerned, culminated in the Jota for 1981, which became the last of the 180 degree Jotas.
Our 1981 Jota is in very good original condition, starts on the button, and has passed its MOT before being registered in the UK.  The bike is a very rare black and gold colour combination, and it has come from a collection in the Netherlands.  We have carried the following recommissioning work:


  • Drain, clean and rebuild carburettors
  • Tune and balance carburettors
  • Renew fuel lines and vacuum hoses
  • Check valve clearances and retorque cylinder head
  • Change oil, clean oil filter, clean air filter
  • Renovate wiring loom
  • Replace front wheel bearings
  • Replace gaskets as necessary
The bike now runs and rides as it should.  It shows a relatively low mileage of 38,900 kms (24,300 miles) which we believe to be correct.  The bike has matching numbers and an age-related numberplate.  It is in very good to excellent original condition.
This is an opportunity to buy a legendary model without the price tag that goes with the originals; a bike that can be ridden without the worry of depreciating its value.
Price £9750