1983 Honda CBX Prolink


The legendary six cylinder Honda CBX was first introduced to the market at the end of 1978 in the guise of the unfaired Z model.  These bikes boasted 105 bhp and a top speed of well over 130mph.  With their distinctive good looks and high performance they were an instant hit, despite a few technical niggles and a thirst for fuel.
In 1981 the Prolink B model of the bike was introduced.  This boasted a newly developed mono-shock rear suspension, a wrap-around fairing, improved reliability and a slightly detuned, but smoother and more reliable engine, that was still good for 100 bhp and well over 130mph.
Our CBX is a Prolink B model in excellent original condition. The bike has been imported from Germany and registered in the UK on an age-related plate. The blue and white paint is in excellent condition, with very good detailing, including all original decals.  Parts of the bright work have been chromed to accentuate the quality finish.  On a test drive the bike rode extremely well, fast and smooth, with excellent handling.  We have carried out a full check on the bike, which to date has travelled just over 25,000 miles (41,000 kms), to ensure that it remains in excellent riding condition.  We have upgraded the fuel tap to a Pingel, which improves both starting and performance.  We have also replaced the battery.
The bike comes with a number of period extras, including heated grips and a topbox and hard panniers.  This makes it ideal for long distance touring.
We believe that these bikes represent good value when compared to the Z model.  They really are a joy to ride.  The bike will come with an MOT and will be ready to drive away.
Price £6,500