1998 Ferrari 456M GTA


The Ferrari 456 was launched in 1992 as a replacement for the outdated Ferrari 412.  It was the continuation of a long line of GT models with a front-engine V12 set-up.  At launch the 456 was greeted with acclaim from the critics; Jeremy Clarkson was a big fan, and his review from 1994 car can be found at the following link (Ferrari 456 GT: Jeremy Clarkson's review. 1994 - YouTube)  He described it as ‘staggeringly beautiful’ and ‘frighteningly fast’!  At the time it was the fastest four-seater in the world, with a claimed top speed of 194mph.  We believe that these cars remain staggeringly beautiful in the modern era, and whilst they can no longer be described as frighteningly fast when compared to a modern Ferrari, they still feel very quick.  Clarkson also remarks on the handling which we have found to be exemplary.

In 1998 Ferrari introduced the M version of the model (M for Modificato), which added some improvements to aerodynamics, cooling and the interior. 

The automatic version of the original car was introduced in 1996; whilst there were considerably more original manual GTs, by the time the M production had come to an end in 2004 650 M automatics and 688 M manuals had been sold.  We believe that only a total of just over 100 RHD M cars were produced, making these a very rare car.

A28 Classics is no longer trading, but we have kept a small collection of performance cars and motorbikes.  We have now decided to sell this collection.  We have owned our 1998 456M GTA for three years.  When we bought the car we took it straight to Kent High Performance Cars in Langley, Kent for a thorough check over.  We believe they are the best independent Ferrari specialist in the business in the South East, in terms of expertise and service levels.  They have looked after the car for the following three years and we have invoices for work they have done during that period to maintain and improve the car amounting to £15,814.

As well as regular servicing and mechanical maintenance, attention has been paid to some of the known problem areas on these cars.  The rear suspension has been replaced, the interior has been refreshed, including attention to any ‘sticky’ switches, the fuel tank and lines have been renewed as necessary, the central locking system has been overhauled, and various hoses have been replaced.  We have not had any problems with the electric windows which can be a problem area on these cars.  A detailed breakdown of these and all other works we have carried out is included in the history file for the car.

We also have a complete history file for the car with invoices for all works carried out from 1998 onwards. The service book shows sixteen service stamps over the years, and four can belt changes, with the last having been carried out in January 2019.

We have found this car to be a pleasure to drive.  The cabin, finished in crema leather, is a wonderful place to sit, the engine is as exceptional as would be expected from a Ferrari V12, and the car handles like a dream.  We have used it on long trips, country roads and around town, and it has handled any conditions with aplomb.

The original Blue Nart paint has stood the test of time, and still presents very well.  The bodywork in general is in excellent condition.  There is one minor paint bubble on one of the A pillars, and some small marks to the black under sills.  These could be easily dealt with if required.

The car comes with three pieces of tan Schedoni luggage that were specifically made for the 456.  These are in excellent condition.  In addition, there is a specially made cover to keep the car nice and snug in the garage.

Finally, the car comes complete with service book and all other manuals in the original brown leather wallet, two keys, and a complete history file.


Price £44,995