1970 Bentley T1


We are delighted to be able to offer a Bentley T1 in very good overall condition.  These cars were recently tipped by Quentin Wilson in Classic Car magazine as an excellent candidate for future growth in value, given their relative rarity and superb build quality.
The Bentley T1 was introduced to the public in October 1965 at the Paris Motor Show.  By then Bentley had been completely taken over by Rolls Royce, and the design of the T1 was based on the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.
The new car was designed without a separate chassis, the first time for a Bentley, and was based on a steel and aluminium monocoque body with sub frames.  Also new was the self-adjusting suspension. 
The Bentley was given subtle design changes from the Rolls Royce, with a lower more dynamic bonnet, a smoother looking radiator shell, and discreet Bentley badging throughout.  It was priced at a pre-tax £5375 in 1966, £50 cheaper than the Silver Shadow, but still the price of a detached four bedroom house at the time.  It was generally considered to be less ostentatious than the Rolls and sold to a more discreet buyer. 
The car was manufactured from 1965 to 1977 (when the T2 was introduced), and 1,703 were made.  This was a fraction of the quantity of the 16,717 Silver Shadows that were built.  As a result today the Bentley is much the rarer vehicle.
The original owner of our car was a Mr Keunor of Bishop’s Avenue, London N2, and the car has remained in the London area for most of its life.  We have identified seven former keepers excluding dealers and garages.  We have a detailed record of ownership provided by the DVLA on file.  We also have on file a number of MOTs and invoices for work done over the last ten years or so, which show that the car has been well looked after during that period. 
We have had the car checked over by our mechanic, and have ensured that the car presents well, carrying out some cosmetic repairs to the paint and fitting a brand new rear bumper.  We have also test driven the car and found it to drive extremely well.  These cars are a real pleasure to drive when they are properly set-up with excellent levels of comfort and a surprisingly nimble performance for a heavy car.
This car presents an opportunity to acquire a model that is on the rise, in very good condition.
Price reduced to £14,500